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As someone who literally had no clue about the "mystical and spiritual" realms and ways of healing and thought it was a bunch of bullshit at one point. Ha Ha!! FAMOUS LAST WORDS--  It ended up being exactly what assisted me in my own healing. It resulted in complete transformation and living my own liberated dreams of a lifetime. And now, I am a Healer. 

So,I get it,  the unknown can be frightening especially when its not all that well known.  I've taken the unknown or "weird" from the "Woo Woo" world of healing and put it into real life, transformative options and needs that can and do create long lasting real change.  


Individual Hand Crafted Sessions

Virtual Handcrafted Individual Sessions

These handcrafted Life Coaching sessions are not the typical life coaching. These sessions include a combination  modalities geared specially to guide you with inspiration, empowerment, clarity, awareness and healing. In order for lasting change to occur, habits and old energetic junk needs to leave the mind, body, heart, spirt and soul.

So you and your life can move forward. So YOU can live your own dreams for your life.

These sessions come as a package and include Reiki, Meditation, Breath Practices, Personalized Yoga Routine, and Ayurvedic guidance.


Together this creates balance and harmony of the mind, body, heart and spirit.

Single Session: $150

Package of 5 1-hour sessions: $600

Package of 10 1-hour sessions: $1000

 Awakening & Clarity Sessions

These sessions are shamanic healing and mystical guidance sessions.

Mystical work has the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition 

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known to man. In fact, shamanism and shamanic healing date back to over 100,000 years and have been practiced all across the globe. 


They heal by restoring and removing energetic pathways, recovering soul parts, and communicating with the spirit world to discover the spiritual aspects of illness and find answers to life’s seemingly impossible questions. This reality-penetrating ability marks them as the world’s very first doctors, storytellers, mystics, and even psychotherapists

1 hour session: $150

Sticks and Stones
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Collaboration Gatherings

A wide variety of options here. These gatherings can be one modality specific or a mix of a few options.

They can be two hours, a day, or a weekend. It's about creating the magic that fits best to feed those attending. 

They can be in your home with friends.

They can be in your place of business. 

The location choice is yours.

The modalities offered for gatherings are as follows:



Sound Baths

Dream Boarding

Meditative Practices

Shamanic Journeying

Life Coaching Circles

A Variety of Breath-work Practices

Ayurvedic Influenced Plant Based Nourishment

I create with you, to create the magic for the group. 

I keep these gatherings smaller in order to create a safe container for transformation and the magic to happen. 

Pricing is based on the creation + travel fees.

And my sweet beagle Laney Leigh will be with me. 

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