Popup Events & Gatherings 

Because I'm currently doing one of my dreams- Vanlife, I offer popup events and gatherings on the road.

Pop Up Events 

Spiritual Pop Gatherings that show up wherever Laura, the modern day mystic and traveling priestess is headed towards next.

You never know what she might have up her sleeve, and will be powerful and fun.  If you're curious, the details of the popup when upcoming are always added on her instagram, so be sure to follow her.

The Pop Ups usually follow the various energies of the moon phases and sometimes collaborates with others. 

Moon Phases are:

New Moon-New Beginnings
Waxing Crescent-Plan & Prepare
First Quarter-Take Action
Waxing Gibbous-Refine & Move Forward
Full Moon- Celebrate Wins!
Waning Gibbous-Introspect
Last Quarter-Release & Let Go
Waning Crescent-Surrender

The Pop Ups can include...

Sound Baths
Dream Boarding
Meditative Practices
Shamanic Journeying
Life Coaching Circles
A Variety of Breath-work Practices
Ayurvedic Influenced Plant Based Nourishment

I create with you, to create the magic for the group. 

I keep these gatherings smaller in order to create a safe container for transformation and the magic to happen. 

Pricing is based on the creation + travel fees.

And my sweet beagle Laney Leigh will be with me. 

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