What is YOUR dream of a lifetime?


What's getting  in the way

Awaken & unleash your unbound life.

About me, Laura Marie...

I like to teach, or life coach people how to discover their own inner freedom AND the keys to their own dreams and happiness, while assisting them in clearing out all the other energetic bullshit that showed up and got in the way. 

I'm a free spirited woman with a vision of leading and changing the way we heal, the way we discover, the way we grow and the way we thrive, so all individuals have the possibility to be freely who they are without ever apologizing for it again!

" You'll never meet another person like yourself. So, take the opportunity to get to know yourself by heart. Within that, you"ll find your fearlessness, your joy, your wild and free!" You will uncover, your own dream of a lifetime.

~ Laura Marie Barsotti ~

A Leap Into Liberation 

A signature Fearless Goddess 10-week series in guiding you toward the uncovering and discovering of your own dream of a lifetime. 

Next series begins in the fall
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